GE 3 way Switches are no longer available. What is a good alternative?

On Amazon, the GE z-wave 3 way light switch (which comes with 2 switches) is no longer available. Can I just use 2 of the regular switches for the lights or are “3 way switches” special in some way. I just started switching over my entire house and would hate to have 2 different looking switches. (I am just replacing old/dumb 3 way switches, so the wires are all there in place). Thanks!!

GE is updating their model line to zwave plus. The new model should be available shortly on Amazon if they aren’t now. You can also buy them from the manufacturer site (the GE zwave switches are made by Jasco).

As far as mixing switches, no, you cannot do that. You have to use an auxiliary switch which was specifically designed to work with the master.

What about this with the add on switch JD mentioned below…

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The auxiliary switch is the same model whether you have the Z wave classic switches or the new zwave plus switches. Shop around, as prices vary a lot. Home Depot and Lowe’s should both carry these as well as Amazon and other specialty Home automation retailers.

12723 for the rocker

12728 for the toggle

The current generation of master switches will start with a 12. The newer model line with Z wave plus will start with a 14.

yeah, they don’t have a combo pack any more. You buy a regular switch and then an add-on switch separately.

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I have come to the realization, that with smarthings and amazon echo, the
three way switch really isn’t as useful as pre-home automation. IE: I am
forgoing the three way switches when I upgrade with a HA switch, just
disconnect the wires from the ‘add-on’ switch.

Thank you! Found the newer 14 switches.

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I wish it were that simple for all…the WAF goes down way too much when a switch isn’t available on the wall. It gets even worse when family stay with us.

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