Gas Fireplace (non insert) Automation

OK I have an original wood burning fireplace that went through the following steps:

  1. Had gas run to it sometime in the past with fake logs
  2. Had a Skytech 1001A receiver box/thermal couple installed in the past Skytech Receiver Box
  3. We bought the home and no remote in the house.
  4. I bought a Skytech 1001D-A purchased so I had a remote switch. Skytech Remote Switch

So unlike other threads on here, I have no wiring outside the firebox. The Skytech allows battery power remote control. This means all the relays that require AC are out. There is no way into or out of the firebox without a wire showing, and I am not drilling it for safety reasons. The firebox is about a 1.5’ off the ground (used to have a hearth) so any kind of wire will standout and not acceptable.

My absolute worse case scenario is to dismantle the remote switch and wire in a dry contact relay to it, then wire that to AC in the basement or an outlet in the room. This is not something I want to do.

Any ideas? leads on battery operated z`wave or zigbee relays?

Would something like this work:
It’s not a relay but a battery powered switch.

Not sure but its something I had not known about!

After looking that’s a battery zwave switch but has no contacts or relays to control anything. Its basically like the switch I have now but zwave. I need a method to wire a zwave into the receiver.

Anyone else got anything?

Sorry, my first response really does not work!

I dont have anything better to suggest but a while back I looked at some z-wave relays (e.g. MimoLite) that are powered with an external 9 or 12 V power supply. I dont remember the exact numbers but when I converted the power into the power capacity of a 9V battery, the battery would have lasted no more then a couple of hours… I remember seing a project about an Arduino shield that was battery powered for a couple of weeks but even that is probably not close to what you are looking for.

I understand a relay responds to commands instantly and needs to connect to the hub more often than a contact sensor, motion sensor etc that only connect to the hub if a specific event happens. Even temp sensors only connect every couple of mins. So the relay will need lots more power for that.

Sorry, but I think the soldering job is the best option…

I have a near identical setup. Did you ever come up with a solution for this?

You will find much discussion on fireplace projects in the forums. Before starting, be aware that in many jurisdictions it is illegal to have a remote that can operate out of line of sight of a gas fireplace. That’s for safety reasons. Anything you do with SmartThings will fall into this category because you could be sitting at your office 15 miles away, open your phone, and turn on the gas.

Since Smartthings occasionally glitches and people report things like a garage door opening when it shouldn’t, gas appliances are of specific concern.

And of course doing a project that violates your local laws will also void your homeowners insurance if something does go wrong.

If you do go the modification route, and it is legal where you live, choose a hardware device which has an internal timer (not dependent on SmartThings) so you can limit the amount of time that it will be on.