Garge Door Opener

I’d like my Garage door to open automatically when I pull up in the driveway, does anyone know if this is possible and what I would use to accomplish it?

Yes it’s possible, can be done in many ways. You’d need a presence sensing method, compatible garage door opener, and a method to trigger the garage door to open when you arrive.

It can be as basic as using the stock SmartThings presence sensing built into the ST app, along with a SHM or SmartLighting rule (may require a virtual switch, can’t remember for sure).

I wasn’t happy with the stock presence sensing, so I use a combination of Tasker with AutoLocation and Sharptools plugins for presence sensing and sending the open command. Nice thing about doing it this way is that I can restrict it based on my phone’s bluetooth connection being connected to my car, so it won’t open randomly if my presence happens bounces around while I’m at home, for example.


Would you be prepared to share the detail of your setup, please?

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I detailed the presence sensing portion here:

The only thing I didn’t go into detail on in that post is how Tasker calls the garage door open command. Here’s a screenshot of the task:


What’s your garage door opener model?

If it’s already integrated with SmartThings all you need to do is add open garage door to your I’m Back routine which is triggered when you return home (using your phone as your presence sensor).

See this thread for ideas if you’re using a Linear Garage Door Opener

If you’re using a MyQ or Chamberlain you can use Routines to trigger them.

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I use the Iris garage door opener, Life 360 and WebCoRE. When I arrive home the door automatically opens.
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Life 360 App on the iPhone or Android.

WebCoRE Piston

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If you want to be very precise location detection (e.g. just the distance of your dirveway) you may want to search this forum for “beacon”. I use this method to determine if I (not anyone - this just works for me!) am in a certain room in my home.

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Is 59.99 on sale? Aren’t those usually 79.99? after 15 off 50, it will only cost 45 which seems to be a good deal, right?

I have this setup with core. See below for an image of the piston.

A few details. I have it passing a notification with who is coming home, I have it wait for 15 mins in case we are running around the neighborhood, and our church building happens to be right on the edge of the geo location circle so I have it turned off on Sunday.

I also have it dependent on a virtual switch so it is easy to turn off the piston from the things list.

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$59.99 appears to be the new regular price. Yep, $45 is a good deal, in my opinion.

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Do you need to install a DTH or any special app to get this door opener connected with ST?

I didn’t install a special DTH for my Iris garage door opener. It was recognized by ST so I just used that one. I then use WebCoRE to build the automations.

I use a presence device (smartphone) and have wired a relay into the remote
control circuit of the door opener (the pushbutton that is on the wall).
The device type is a ‘virtual momentary contact switch’ which then can be
included in standard actions like activate when presence is detected and
then its up to your geofence.

I used your updated description of setting up geofences to detect presence with Sharptools, Autolocation, and Tasker (thank you for the detailed description!). Now I want to integrate my MyQ garage door opener into my ‘Arrive’ task. Can I accomplish this by duplicating your task action #2? If so, which profile description I would replace ‘,BMW,’ with?

I think it would be the name of my profile when my CR-V bluetooth is connected, but I’m not entirely sure. Thank you!