Garage heater control

I’m looking for advice on how to control my garage heater. My wife and kids like to leave the garage door open when playing outside and I don’t feel like hearing the neighborhood.

Would it be best to to try and buy a cheap zwave thermostat or use a remote temperature sensor and a zwave relay to activate the heater? the thermostat doesn’t need to be programmable and would like to do it the cheapest way possible.

@fstbusa, if you’re trying to not run the heater when the door is open, you could use an open/close sensor, a zwave outlet capable of the load, and a Smart Lighting rule.

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I use a small heater that I have connected to a GE outdoor zwave module. The heater is under the load rating of the module plus I used a heater that has analog controls so that it will always turn on when the zwave switch is activated. Just to be safe also, I make sure that the switch never turns ON when in Away mode.

Might help to know what type of heater :slight_smile: Gas, electric, 220, 110, boiler, and on & on. All require something different.

Use radiant electric or gas and leaving the door open is not as much of an issue (still is, just less).

Yeah, my itty bitty heater is probably not going to work for your setup :slight_smile:

Must have posted at the same time :slight_smile:

Door sensor or even a motion sensor with a minute or 2 delay

Rule machine for the win .

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I have a 220V electric heater so killing the power is not an option. I need to turn it off via low voltage control so the fan can run and cool the element down.

Already have a door sensor to integrate with. Just want to get options on how to control the heater. A zwave tstat is obviously the simplest solution but eventually I would like a motion sensor in the garage hence me asking about a remote motion/trump sensor and using some other means of control for the heater like a relay or something.

@fstbusa, will a mimolite do the trick?

It can integrate with a wired door sensor to trip a relay perhaps like what you want? I’m just throwing out ideas, so I don’t mean give you curve balls.

@fstbusa I like this switch for applications like this,but they appear to be unavailable currently:


Both devices can switch mains or low voltage loads. What I like about the first one is the button, but you probably wouldn’t use it that much in your case. You’ll more than likely want to wire these switches in parallel to some other switch/thermostat you already have.