Garage Doors, I want to be able to alerted when a door is left open and then close via app. any ideas?

I found this video but this seems to be the v1 app/hub and I have the v2app/hub none of these options are there. How do I setup a garage door with sensor and then check on the door and close the door? Currently i have to look at all my devices, located the sensor and the locate the door and close it. no alerts and very manual.


There is a Smart App called “Something left open” . You can find it in the market place. But before that you have to connect the sensors to your ST with correct handler

If you already have a sensor to tell you if the garage door is open and a relay or something to control the door, you already have what you need.

Not quite sure what you are using to control the door, but you could use simple automation on the garage door and have it close “when everyone leaves”. It will try to close it (even if it’s already closed) as soon as everyone is away from the hub. It can use your phone to detect this.

However, if you want a smarter solution, you can use CoRE. I have mine setup like this:
If (wife go away or I go away) and garage door is open, then close it.

Works great. We’ve even stopped intentionally leaving it open to test it! I also have one the opens when I come home and then closes it 10 minutes after that. You can pretty much do anything you need with CoRE.

what is CoRE? and do i use it?

This will tell you far more and far better than I can:

If you just looking for an automated alert when the door is left open for too long, you can simply use the built-in Smart Home Monitor app. Just add a custom alert under the app’s configuration settings.

I don’t see how? can you help me out?

Select Custom

Select New Monitoring Rule

Configure to use your sensors

Select Text and Push Notifications

Configure the notifications

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awesome thank you

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