Garage Door Smartapp (that will work nicely with the new app)

Hi, novice alert!

I know there are several threats in relation to this, but none are ‘recent’ (perhaps they don’t need to be)?

I have a Fibaro Double smart module and a Smartsense multi-sensor and would like to combine them to work as an effective garage door opener which also updates state if used ‘conventionally’.

It seems as if there are some changes underway with the Smartthings app (old one finishing, so presumably everything needs to work with the new one).

Can anybody recommend a good Smartapp and virtual device handler that I can use with smart things that is current and relevant? Also, I am trying to get my head around the whole, device, virtual device, smart app, device handlers etc and assume the following:

  1. you have physical devices (in this scenario) the relay with dry contacts and the sensor.
  2. you have device handlers that make these physical devices work
  3. you set up a virtual device (it operates like a switch using the relay and reports its state from the sensor).
  4. you have a device handler that makes the virtual device look like one device
  5. The smart app is what combines all of these together?

If possible I am looking for a free solution, but it needs to be reliable, so am open to options.

For creating a virtual garage door controller using individual components see this SmartApp and solution, it has many more features as well like beeping, vacation mode etc:

For managing a garage door automations (open, close, timed etc) see this app: