Garage Door Opener Smart APP?

I have a raspberry Pi connected to ST via WebioPi and I can control relays, and monitor a contact. Is there a ST Smart app that I can use to open/close my garage doors?


Search “Simulated Garage Door”. There are literally dozens of posts for this exact same thing.

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Here’s one example of a Virtual/Simulated garage door (if you have access to RBoy Apps):

This one will create a “Virtual Garage” by combining your Relays and position Sensors into a garage door which can now be controlled by any SmartApp that supports using “Garage Doors”

You can now use a Routine, a Rule in SHM, CoRE, WebCoRE etc, other custom apps like the “Garage Door Open Close Automatically” to control this Virtual Garage Door and create automations on top of it:

For example: