Garage Door opener/closer

I’ve already mentioned this a number of places, but as this appears to now by the “official” spot for it, I would like suggest a simple moment push type device.  Rather than a device that sends a single to the Garage Door opener (which means having to support a large number of different brands and types), instead it would be wired in parallel with the existing physical button in my garage.  When a signal was sent from from the Hub, this device would close the circuit for a moment to open/close the garage door.

I second this one!

Smartthings could just bundle two items together to control garage doors.  You need an open/close sensor and a relay switch and make them a composite device when viewed by the hub.

I think you can work with RF on this one… Just as you can program your car’s Garage Door Opener with your Key Fob, you could probably have a thing designed that will mimic the RF signal. I’ve seen that used to arm and disarm the alarm system or unlock doors at house with in-car system. You might want to search there and look into the protocols that are necessary to communicate.

I strongly suspect you are correct, but at the same time I think it would be an easier (and cheaper) build to just make a remote “button” wired into the existing path inside my garage.  No advanced programming or anything needed.

That said, an RF signal generator would have some distinct advantages as well.  For one, if you have more than one garage door (like we do… two stall garage, each with it’s own door), you could potentially just use one “thing” that could generate a different signal.  And of course, it could also potentially be used with any other RF device… like a home alarm that you mentioned.  So depending on the additionally cost it might be cheaper to get one device that can handle multiple tasks rather than a single device for each individual job.