Garage Door + Motion Sensor

I’m trying to find an app that will help me with my garage door situation. Basically, it looks at:

If garage door is open AND motion sensor in space sees no motion for X minutes, notify me (push and text).

Additionally, I’m looking for an app that will enable some lightweight security features of some kind on my garage ONLY, without looking at my house:
If garage door is NOT open and opening command hasn't been sent, AND motion is detected, notify me AND turn on controlled lights.
I’d also need a method to disable this when I’m entering through the side door though.

Anyone have any ideas for this that are already out there? I can’t seem to find anything like this.

Rule Machine…

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Rules machine can to this too, but you going to have to think about it differently. As an Example:

Trigger : garage door is open
Condition: garage door is open, motion sensor is inactive
Rule: garage door is open AND motion sensor is inactive
Action for true: Delay X min and cancel on truth change, send or speak a message.

So i’d give rules machine a serious look for both!

I’ve been sitting here trying to implement both of these in rules machine and I just can’t wrap my head around each of them, ha. Let me show you what I have first, I’ll start with what I think is the easier one:

If garage door is CLOSED AND opening command hasn't been sent AND motion is detected notify me AND turn on controlled lights.

I have this in rule machine:

Trigger:    Is motion ACTIVE the trigger here?
Condition:    garage door is CLOSED, motion sensor is ACTIVE, (not sure about opening command not sent?)
Rule:    Cant I just point this to the conditions?
Action for true:    Text me / turn on lights

I’ll start with this one to see if I can wrap my head around it, any feedback appreciated! ha.

I would not use a trigger for this. I would use two rules:

Rule #1 (No Motion in the last 10 Minutes)
Conditions: Motion inactive
Rule: Motion inactive
True: Delay by 10 minutes [cancel], Rule Boolean: Rule #2: true
False: Rule Boolean: Rule #2: false

Rule #2 (Garage Notification)
Conditions: Garage door open, Private boolean true
Rule: Garage door open AND Private boolean true
True: Notification and turn on controlled lights

A trigger won’t work because the trigger will only evaluate when the garage door opens. It will not re-evaluate when the rule truth changes.