Garage Door Monitor SmartApp Failure

I discovered a “new” smart app this week to monitor your garage door. I attempted to install it and discovered that it did not recognize my garage door. So I asked questions and then started looking at the code. I quickly learned that the “device” they are look at is not a “standard” sensor associated with any commercially available z-wave garage door opening device. It is instead one of the Samsung Door/Window sensors. (That makes a lot of sense - NOT). Anyway, so I started to play with the code, until I understood it was over my head.
So I went back to just trying to see if the SmartApp actually works. I pointed it to one of the Samsung Door/Window sensors, and installed it. I then opened the sliding glass door where I have the sensor installed. The SmartApp didn’t see it. It didn’t send me any message (at either my cell phone, or my mail box.)
Has anyone else been able to get this thing to work? The Support People at Samsung are useless. Their response to EVERYTHING is send us some screen shots. A quick way of putting off a customer, and getting your response numbers up. USELESS

And before anyone asks: Yes, I am using the most current version of the software, with a new multi-axial sensor that tells me that my door is open or closed. It just doest report it to me after the set time period.

What’s the name of the smartapp and where did you find it?

it is the Garage Door Monitor offered by “smartthings” to be found in the “add SmartApp” page of my phone application (the new application - as opposed to the OLD application which is no longer supported)

that must be in the android app. don’t see that in iOS. just checking - it is in the Custom section in Add SmartApp?

Also, just for giggles, one of the SmartThing techs suggested that I should just set it up using the new “Automation” configuration application. Nice try, but that won’t work. There are no functional timers there (that I can find). I can tell it to report to me that the Garage door is open…but it does not appear to have a mechanism to make that report after the door has been open for an hour (or anything for that matter)

Yes, it is on an android phone, but examination of the code did not suggest that it was limited to android only. When you say “custom section”, I think I know what you are alluding to, and yes, I have tried to modify the original application (saving it in MY namespace so as to differentiate it from the original) and saved that file - but when I realized that the programing was more than I was ready for, I went back to the original code - which won’t work either. (AND I have told Samsung). All they could do was ask for Screen Shots.

It is not listed in my Android app. I am in the US.

Curious…I am in California? (Maybe they make special codes for those of us living in California).

I open the SmartThings Home Monitor, click on the “+” sign and open the ADD window. I select “SmartApp” (“Add SmartApp”) and scroll down…ah, and yes, you (someone) was right; it is listed in the “custom” section. I have played with it for a week and just didn’t notice that it was in the “custom” section.

Is that limited by platform??

it implies it is custom code installed in IDE at

Support will not offer assistance for custom code

I don’t see it either, anywhere.

If you’re looking for a smartapp that tells you something has been left open for a period of time, take a look here:


For emissions, yup, smartapps, nope. :wink:



“don’t see it anywhere”…curious (Maybe it is just that I am in California). You have hit the nail right on the head. Yes I am looking for “a smartapp that tells you something has been left open”

Reading the rest of your message, I take it that you have made it work, using TWO application. The first being the “door left unlocked notification” AND the “RBoy Apps.”?? I don’t mind licensing fees, but I want to first make sure I have NO other possible solutions, and more important: it will do what I need.

Please confirm.

Several of you have suggested that you cant find the code I am referring to. Would it help if I provide the header from the code??

No, you only need one of them. In the first link I provided, you’ll find my parent/child app. In the second link I provided, JD has summarized all the options available, which includes rboys, and mine, plus a couple others.


What type of a Garage door do you have? If you have a WiFi based garage door (or even a Z-Wave) check out this app which is specifically designed to work with all types of garage doors (some of the stock apps are limited to specific types of garage door controllers).

Thank you all for your recommendations. Samsung’s support (for their own published app) is disappointing. That being said, John’s bundle works GREAT. I have it installed and it performs as expected.
Thank YOU!

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Just jumping in here since I found this page wondering why the
“Smartthings-Garage Door Monitor” is giving me such trouble.

The app can be found under the smartthings ide: My SmartApps - +New SmartApp - From Template - “Garage Door Monitor”.

I believe this app works with any multisensor that includes tilt/acceleration/vibration. It doesn’t specifically recognize a garage door, it uses a sensor assigned to the garage door. I installed it last night and tested it, worked fine. Today, as I sit here working from home, every time the dang guy walks past with the weedeater or blower I am getting alerts and text messages telling me the garage door is open.

I found this thread because I was looking for help adjusting the sensitivity in the code. I get the concepts I just can’t write myself.

My issue is that I am looking to use my multipurpose sensor’s tilt sensor rather than the contact sensor that tells you contact/no contact.

Ideally, I want to stick the device on the inside of the garage door and define that position as the starting position. Then, the code would say something like, "X=starting position. If sensor moves +/- 5 (maybe 10, 2, 15? I don’t know yet) degrees from X, flash a lamp inside and broadcast to speakers that the garage door has opened. Then, If Sensor does not return to X in 2 minutes (meaning door did not close), push notification to cell phone alerting “Go Home Dummy, You Left the Garage Door Open Again.”