Garage Door Device and Alexa

I know this is an older topic, but I’m having some issues getting my ‘Iris’ version of the Linear garage door controller to be detected by Alexa.

I have:
ST Hub v2
Iris GD00Z-1 controler

I have installed the following custom device handler that everyone references:

I have followed the instructions from the following post:

My issue I ‘think’ is with Step 6 where it states to ‘Tap anywhere in the MySwitches area’. This option is not on my ST app >Automation>SmartApps>Amazon Alexa. However, I do have a ‘Switches’ category. When I tap in that area, the garage door device does not show.

The device is published and does work via the SmartThings app as well as SharpTools… just not with Alexa.

I would appreciate some help/advice.

As I created this thread, I decided to follow another thread:

This actually solved my problem. The garage door device is now visable under the ST Apps/SmartApps/Amazon Alexa and Alexa also finally detected the device.

Hey I’m glad you got that working. My post there is really old and and uses a different version (older now) of the st app.

A co-worker pointed me to an ‘Enhanced Ridiculously Automated Garage Door For GD00Z’ code, which he said was a newer version of the ‘Ridiculously Automated Garage Door For GD00Z’ code. I don’t know if that was the issue or not.

What is the latest code?

I’m not sure. I’m using the DTH from over a year ago… I haven’t changed it because it works perfect for me…

Help me out… what is DTH?

DTH is a Device Type Handler or also known as Device Handler. It’s what you installed in your above posts.

If you have access to our server you should try the custom device handler for the GD00Z-X series which works perfectly with Alexa. This code is actively maintained and kept up to date with changes in the ST platform.

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Ahhh… should’ve known that :frowning: