Garage door control, a different approach

(Mike Maxwell) #1

Finally got around to giving my garage door an IQ boost.

My original plan being an arduino, with two external mag contacts, some other sensors, in other words the full meal deal.
I got lazy this weekend and didn’t feel like spending the whole day bread boarding, writing the sketch, the device and the smart app for it, ok, more likely two days, but you get the point.

OK, what else have I got in stock remotec zfm-80 dry contact relay, check, monoprice contact sensor, check.
OK, how do I get the zfm-80 to act like a momentary switch (on for x time, then off) without involving ST?
Ha, use the specific device I wrote for the remotec that implements and exposes the auto off feature of this relay.
I wrote this device driver for my gas fireplace as a failsafe to prevent it from being on continuously…
Anyway, device is here:

I set the timeout on the relay to 1 minute. I mounted the contact sensor thus:

And the remotec in a wiremold surface box here:

Net spend like $60, so there ya go another garage door option.

(Brice; #2

Nice. I’m using the zfm-80 on my garage too and was relying on a SmartApp to quickly turn it off when it turns on. This is much better. I didn’t realize that was a programmable feature. Thanks for sharing!