Free MyQ Home Bridge for HomeKit

Saw this on I think I joined that community to complain about the SmartThings integration and now for that I think I get a free bridge. Haha.

i mean, i’ll take it. I’d rather trade it for free lifetime of their bullshit $10 fee for integration with GHome, etc

Thanks for posting!

Good for you two! bummer for me! :slight_smile:

My free home bridge showed up today. Have not had a chance to mess with it yet, but the only thing I can see that this adds over having the gateway already is integration with apple homekit. I was hoping that this device would somehow lead to better integration with ST. I have not messed around with Homekit much. I have a motorized gate and garage doors on MyQ, so its annoying having to add sensors to tell smart things the status when there is already sensors giving that information to MyQ.

Got mine also. It adds WiFi capability for MyQ devices that don’t have built in WiFi and also adds HomeKit/Siri support. I actually use the MyQ Lite SmartApp so I have no use for it. I see new in box ones being added to eBay going for around $40…maybe I’ll just sell it unless someone on here wants to trade me a GE dimmer switch for it.

Yea seems pointless if you already have the MyQ Lite SmartApp working…

Can someone please share a link to the “MyQ Lite SmartApp”?