Foscam Images - save, send, etc?

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Is there any way to send, save, or otherwise use the images that a foscam camera takes beyond looking at them inside of the device in the ST app? I know they can be saved/sent manually via the app, but I was wondering if there was a way for a smart app to access them.

I can use @RBoy’s app to trigger the camera to take an image, but I’d like to extend that to actually send the image, or maybe send a notification with a link to the image


I have not used RBoy’s app, but here is how I use my cams.

I’m using the built in FOSCAM email feature to email me timed snapshots when motion is detected. Then I can open the email however I choose on whatever device I want. Plus this leaves me a stored copy of the images in the cameras email account. If I want to see an email from an earlier date that I all ready deleted from my email, I just log into the cam’s email and search the Sent Mail folder.

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Are you using the foscam motion sensor or ST? I used the foscam’s sensors in the past to store and send, but was trying to aviod that if possible

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Well you can use both option (they way I do). I.e. configure the eMail settings on the Foscam device through the webUI.

Then configure the Foscam Device app on ST in Preference to send eMail and take pictures. It will take a picture and email it using the previously saved settings on the foscam device.

However if you want to access the images directly from the app (not sure what you’re trying to do here), can you manipulate the JPEG data the comes in the handler and send it else where instead of storing in the S3 cloud.

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I’d be ok with using the Foscam’s email functionality, but what I really want to do is use an ST open/close sensor to trigger (like your trigger to take pictures).

Ultimately, what I’m doing is writing a smart app that says

  • When this open/close sensor opens
  • Go to this preset
  • Wait this many seconds (as it’s moving to the preset)
  • Take a picture using this camera

And then if possible, have a way to see it outside of the ST app either email, SMS or by a link

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On the first post on the page

There is mention of an app I’ve created to do just that it’s called Trigger to Take Pictures

You can configure it to detect motion of a open/close sensor and trigger a take picture. However this won’t eMail the picture. You can however turn on the a switch using the app, i.e. turn on the Camera Monitoring feature, this will detect motion and then automatically eMail it to you (if configured through the Foscam device type)

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Yep. I’ve used that one. I’m writing my own version now that will move to a preset and then take a picture based on a contact sensor.

I’m trying to avoid using foscam’s motion detection, mostly because of dog-initiated false alarms (also to catch motion/door outside my camera’s FOV). I have one camera that gets the whole living area, though not all at once.

I guess what I could do then is add a step

  1. Move to preset
  2. Arm alarm which should take picture and send
  3. Take a picture from ST as well
  4. Dis-arm alarm

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Yep sound like you know what needs to be done