Rboys Foscam pics, Ring doorbell & Actvity Feed

I have Foscam cctv cameras around the house, in normal operation (on their own settings) they forward photos/videos to an FTP service. I use the Rboys smartapp for Foscam and when ever my ring doorbells (one at front one at side of property) detect motion then all the Foscam cameras take a snapshot. These snapshots appear in the ST activity feed.

I have some queries:

  1. How long are they stored in the activity feed ? is there a cut off after 30 days or something ?
  2. Can I view the activity feed photos on line via a browser or something rather than the app ? can they be downloaded ?
  3. Is there anyway to tell the Foscam cameras to take the snapshot but send it to the usual FTP rather than the activity feed ?

Thanks in advance for any assistance/ideas.