FOSCAM C2 Lightning deal $70

It’s expiring at 11:30 AM EDT or so.

just snagged one. thank you

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I still prefer the C1 over the C2. When researching the difference between them, the 720 still looked better. They have recently made some changes to the C1. I added a 4th one to a side project of mine and the camera was noticeably better and the night vision was extremely improved. When I added it to the system, it shows up at C1 V2. The box doesn’t indicate that there is a V2, but I there is a nice improvement in it.

It says 119.99 for me

The sale expired at 11:30am EST.

It says it is on sale for $99 now.

How are these compared to the Samsung camera? It appears it does have the 2 way audio feature, like the samsung And I have not looked whether there is integration with ST, but I think I recently saw a thread saying there was some integration.

Edit, I just got an Amazon ad on another website with this item for 86 bucks. Pulled the trigger.

There’s a whole thread on Foscam / Amcrest integration

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Agreed that after I realized the ability to not use all the crappy Foscam plugins and DNS service, it’s a rock solid little cam. I hope the C2 is as good for me!

It has been a while since I abandoned SmartThings, but if I recall correctly the C1 (and maybe the C2?) has to be designated in the DTH as a “9000 series” camera.