FortrezZ Water Flow Meter

Yes I did exclusion FMI from network because app never show Water Flow Rate was always 0
Maybe I need do everything again delete apps on iPhone then IDE put codes again ?

You don’t need to remove the DTH from the IDE. Just exclude the FMI and rejoin it to your hub. It may take several seconds, but it will recognize that you have the DTH installed. Just remember to go back into device settings and set your flow rates.

If for some reason it just joins as a Thing, just edit the device in the IDE to change the Type field to your DTH. You may need to force close the app and clear the cache again.

I just check meter and numbers are moving when water flow so meter is ok

Almost always I have that when open app

And now I have that :slight_smile:

Yeah, as soon as you open the app and do to a device ST always does that, but when it finally catches up and refreshes it’s fine.

Nothing works :frowning: I start everything all over again but no luck
Maybe I need quit buy something else like that:
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What do you mean nothing works? Mine is one of the most reliable devices I have, even though it’s a zwave device.

No action no live logging no flow rate nothing but problems after I change from clasic
Im not familiar with smartthings webside I just trying fallow your advice but not really understand what to do with that :slight_smile: For example

Tell me what else you need to find a problem

Everything looks ok to me from what you’ve captured, and even live logging captured the temperature update from the meter, so you know there’s communications happening between the device and your hub.

Just to confirm, are you running the FMI on batteries or is it plugged in? That makes a difference.

How far away is the ST hub from the FMI?

As odd as this sounds, try swapping where you have the meter and power plugged in to the FMI. It’s the same USB type of plug, and the FMI can tell what is plugged in where. BEFORE you do that, start live logging and capture any messages.

FMI is on plug and batteries and ST hub is 7ft away from the FMI but hub is inside home, FMI outside
Swiping wires help now is working, maybe was bad connection :slight_smile:
Thank You

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I find problem conector is broken :frowning: do you know where I can buy new flow meter interface? I cant find anywhere

Oh now that can explain a lot of what you were experiencing. I almost asked if you had a bad connection, and that picture pretty much answers that question!

Fortrezz was bought out by Ezlo Smart Home, and the old Fortrezz web site and support info is now gone. You can try emailing EzLo support ( to see if you can send in yours for repair, but I wouldn’t expect much help from them.

Can you solder electronics? If not and if I were you, I’d take the FMI to a cell phone repair shop and ask them if they can solder that connector back on for you. It’s actually a very simple job. It will be cheaper than buying a new FMI, and/or sending it back to the company for a repair.

Thank you I send email Ezlo let see what happen in mean time will try solder that conector but everything is so small and I don’t have very good soldering gun

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Hey Guys… Hoping someone can point to some clear instructions… the docs pulled from the first post in this has several links no longer working…

Im struggling to bounce around and find a clear forward instructions…

I use to have this working on the classic ST, Fortrezz Flow Meter Interface, but not since classic has been deprecated… and on the new ST app…

Any help is appreciated…

Have you searched and found this yet?

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Thanks so much John, I am making some forward progress now…

I have the DTH updated and now showing a few signs of life… I did force close the app and cleared the cache, but no fully consistent readings…

I’m having a feeling i may need remove the batteries and power cycle my fortrezz device…

With the DTH installed, do I have to install the “smart apps” for this to work at a minimum, or should it work to some degree with just the ST App and DTH software installed?

I’ve power cycled my Fortrezz Flow Meter, and also changed the batteries which were definelty dead…
Also force stopped app and cleared cache again.

My ST Fortrezz device still constantly shows Power Meter of 0.6 w, which i believe indicates .6 gallons…

I"m going to read thru the thread for more suggestions… Pls feel free if you have any ideas or thoughts.


There are no SmartApps required to make this work. The new app can be very painful when changing DTH’s for an existing device.

I’ve had success just changing the device’s name after changing the DTH to get it to refresh, sometimes swapping to a totally different DTH and then back again does the trick. Sometimes waiting, sometimes when the device updates, and sometimes even removing the device and starting over again works.

This will work, but it will be challenging I promise you.

Thanks John… appreciate the info…

Let me ask this…
Once it is working… will it remain stable and work, or will it need adjustments, maybe even occasionally?

Also… is it possible to get my display in ST different, see my screen shot of display, in Watts