Fortrezz Mimo2+ no longer supported for Smartthings

I asked RBoy and two or three others who posted a lot in here to see if I could pay them. RBoy I believe said he would if there was more demand. Something to that effect. It has been a while since I asked.
Others who were fairly prolific code sharers here have since moved on to Hubitat who’s platform still welcomes custom code. I moved to Hubitat about a year ago.

They have their own device handler for the MIMO2+ but it broke the sensing inputs part of the handler on one of their updates. Ugggg.

Zooz just came out with the Zen17 relay. Just like the Mimo2+ but with more programmable features. Hubitat just came out today with a new software rev and it includes a built in driver for the Zen17 so I am going to be playing with it. A great device. For example you can set it for when a power failure happens the two relays go back to their last state or come on or stay off when the power comes back on. This is not programmable in the MIMO or MIMO2+ . You can set the relays with on timers and off timers as well. Lots of flexibility.

I recommend going in that direction. (Hubitat + Zen17 from Zooz) I have been happy with the platform. Webcore exists there as well for the old ST folks who have moved over. A great many have. It has a great community forum as well, just like this ST Forum was before everyone left .

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I’m hoping someone comes up with a fix for this, would gladly pay for it to work as well on the Mimo2+. I bought everything before the update, but was too busy to install it at a rental property. I have 3 Samsung Hubs one for each unit, and now an Aeotec Smartthings Hub that was going to be for the common area gate and front entrance.