Floodlights controlled by Lutron app - how do I find its (caseta) switch?

A somewhat odd situation. I just moved to our new home. The previous home owner had many of the lights set up with the Lutron app and the Caseta switches. The floodlights in the patio can be controlled by the Lutron app, however I can’t find a physical switch to control the floodlights. There’s a pico switch attached to the wall that according to the previous owner is supposed to control the floodlights, but it’s not. The previous owner said it needs repairing, which I think means I need to pair the pico switch to the corresponding Caseta switch. However, I can’t find it. There’s a Caseta switch in the room that’s not working (i.e. the indication light on the switch is off), but I don’t know if it’s linked to the floodlights. Texting the previous owner get no response.

I’m a noob to the Lutron system, and this situation gets me really confused. My understanding is that there must be a caseta switch paired with the floodlights, which I then need to use to pair a Pico switch or the Lutron app (in case the existing app pairing gets lost). Is my understanding correct? Is there another way that I can pair a Pico switch to the floodlights so that I can use the switch to control the lights without the app? Sorry if my pose has confused you…pls lmk if you have any questions for me. Thanks in advance!