First alert detector Issue

Just to let people know, Smartthings is wrongly reporting the First Alert Smoke / Carbon detector. Mine was saying connected with 73 percent battery, but found out that it was not connected and the batteries were dead.

Yup, but it’s not an ST issue. I had 11 of those things and got rid of them because battery warning alerts started at around 78% and then quickly died. These detectors don’t have good battery life in my opinion, and I wish FA had a wired and interconnected version.

They are reportedly coming out with hard wired version this Spring

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I just installed three of these.

About how long would you estimate new batteries last before dying?

I just replaced mine after a year and it was still going strong. I’ve never had any issues with it. I’ll occasionally tap the test button but it’s never once died.

Cool… I usually use Eneloop rechargeables, but if they last that long, I’ll just go with the premium alkaline.

I did do blowout a candle test to see how sensitive they are. It worked, but about an hour later, both the Smoke and CO lights lit up and started beeping. But it stopped pretty quick and went quiet. Figured maybe it was resetting or something.

It’s been a while, but usually 12-18 months. I watched battery levels, and it usually started beeping for low battery at or around 75%. Given battery reporting in ST isn’t the greatest, it could have been lower than that.

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