Low battery verbal alert?

Anyone know if there is a zwave device that beeps every 5 minutes and verbally says low battery. If it is not one of my devices I guess it could be a standard fire alarm None of the devices are showing a low battery, but i dont always trust the device types
… some seem to only show 100%. It is at a remote location.and I can hear it.over the video camera

Verbal alerts are almost always safety equipment. Typically smoke sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, and some medical equipment.

Some locks also announce low battery.

Do you have a combo fire alarm?

BTW, I have mentioned this before, but several years ago I took a tip from my professional life and put all of my battery changes on a calendar schedule. This meant some batteries were removed when they were at about 30%, but we just put them into a box used for nonessential things like remotes and game controllers.

We may spend a little more on batteries, it’s not clear, but it simplifies everything else. I never have to worry about sensors needing an unexpected change unless there is a truly defective device.

In my case, I switched because I am not physically able to change the batteries myself, so it was easier to put it on a maintenance schedule. But a lot of landlord say they do this for remote properties as well.

At my house, some rechargeables get charged every night, so I’m getting charged once a week, and replaceable batteries are mostly checked on a six-month schedule and replaced at 30%. Smoke alarm batteries get replaced every six months regardless of level.

This can also be particularly helpful for networked devices. Even if it if it still has 25% charge, it may have difficulty getting signal through, so it makes more sense to replace it sooner.

Yes but the combo one is in the basement not where I am hearing the alert. There us only a lowes zwave smoke non. Combo on the first floor. Batteries are new… this is a new setup 1 month old. Put in around oct 13. I didn’t use any af the cheap batteries that came with devices… lovks and such but did use some batteries in devices that came with Duracell. Locks are all quickset 910 I believe
Could be smoke but that would mean device type is incorrect as it is not showing low bat. Could be smoke detectors that were already installed. I did not remove those.

OK, it’s probably a zsmoke. See if it sounds like the one in this video.

For what it’s worth, Iris support says that particular smoke alarm only reports battery once a week, so panel status may be out of sync.

No it doesn’t sound like that more of a female voice.

Then it’s probably an older smoke alarm somewhere in the house. Kidde uses a female voice in some models.

Kidde Voice test around 3:00 in this video:

Thanks it was a kiddie, unfortunately the guy I had go in the house trashed it trying to get the battery out.

Yeah, I think half the smoke alarm videos are just to show you how to change the batteries!