Finger-printing not matching to device

I’m working on a custom device type for a new ZigBee device and I cant get the fingerprint process to fire when the device joins the network. Here is what I have for the fingerprint section in the custom device type:

    attribute "TDS","number"
    attribute "minTDS","number"
    attribute "maxTDS","number"  
    attribute "WaterTemp","number" 
    attribute "Quality","string"
	fingerprint profileId: "0104", inClusters: "0000,0003,0004", outClusters: "000C"


Here is what shows up in the Hub’s log when the device joins the network.

description 	desc: 38 0104 0007 00 03 0000 0003 0004 01 000C

The device has been Published “For Me”. This has worked for me in the past with other custom device types I have written. Is anyone else having a problem or see something I’m doing wrong.


Try adding endpoint 38? I struggle with it as well. Just don’t get hot it is mapped over inside st.

@Support @Tyler I know other people are having the same problem. Is there any news on this? Where can I go to get answers. I use to ping @urman for help but he is gone.

I believe this fix is being deployed today. I’ll check on that for you.

This issue is related to device types published to a single account. When you go to pair a device it’s not properly fingerprinting to a locally installed device type. The workaround is to pair it, then manually edit the type of the device from the My Devices page.

The fix for this issue is slated to be published today. You’ll know it’s fixed when the release notes are posted here on the forums.

I have been using the workaround so I have still been productive! Thanks for the update!!

Should be fixed! Thanks for your patience.

@Tyler ,

Would this also have affected any zwave devices? Specifically the Enerwave SC7, which used to work and then new devices showed strange behaviour. Or is that something else?

@Tyler Yes Sir the problem is fixed!! Checked this morning and my new ZigBee device’s (Chicken Coop Door controller) footprint matched it to its custom device type and works like a champ!! Now we can close our Chicken Coop door with SmartThings!! Wife is happy!!!

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