Find a new way to improve the efficiency of debugging DTH

In the process of debugging the DTH interface effect, I often encountered when the interface could not display the expected effect. Sometimes, I wrote it myself, but most of the time, DTH is not synced to the phone. I was troubled by this for a long time.
Through the help of the heroes in the forum, I know that making good use of VID is a good way to debug DTH. In addition, in order to get rid of the influence of physical mobile phones on synchronous DTH. I installed an emulator and installed the SmartThings APP in it. I found that now I rarely encounter the problem of not being able to synchronize.

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Thank you for your approach, your feedback is very appreciated.
As you know, the SmartThings platform continues evolving, and our engineering team is always working to provide the best tools for all of you and these gain maturity as more feedback we receive, so keep it coming!