FilterWatch - KS !w/ThingModule

Listen up =>
If you have computers (&heat); you have AC and that is . A dirty AC filter costs & of course dust in your computer, etc.

Check out FilterWatch on Kickstarter.

I believe they have added a ThingModule - the only product I have heard about so far.

Here we go!, let’s fund this one because - you really can not afford not to - probably will pay for itself in 3 months.


Just signed up for it myself. Thanks for sharing.

If I’m reading things right you can get in on the $30 early bird yet for the wireless, which is schedule to ship in Feb '13. Realistically, as with all KickStarter projects, I’m mentally adding three months to the time frame.

If I read if correctly there are 50 early birds left (as of 10:30 Eastern) (upgraded) for 2/14 delivery.

More people that kick in for this the better! I really hope they make their goal!

19 days to go for this project. There’s some confusion over the different options here because he made some changes to the plans after the project started and of course KickStarter limits what you can edit or revise. (After all, you don’t want a project manager revising a reward and taking away some of the benefit!)

Pledge the $50 amount and you get a filter that will work with SmartThings.