Filterwatch airflow monitor

FYI, the guys at the Filterwatch Kickstarter campaign added Smartthings support to measure/alert airflow. Perfect to let you know when your A/C filter or your dryer vent is clogged (which could lead to fire).

The campaign is a bit unclear, but it’s worth it… I’ve pledged, but the campaign needs a boost if it’s going to meet its target. Search for “filterwatch” on Kickstarter, or follow this link:

I plan to use this direct with SmartThings and also with my Spark Cores to monitor my dryer vent (I don’t like the thought of fire), my A/C filter (so I can sneeze less), and to monitor my attic fan (last one died and smoked for a while before finally tripping the breaker).

I backed this with the ZigBee option. Doesn’t look like they will make their funding goal. Also, have no idea how ST will recognize or integrate a ZigBee module but that’s for another day. Actually, an interesting product - hope they make it.

SmartThings does have a Zigbee radio in it. The things you get from SmartThings (Outlet, Tags, Multi, Motion Sensor) are all Zigbee.

FYI - Now on Indiegogo - Get your early bird while you can.

Just a last minute update that they started another Kickstarter campaign that ends today. They were successful this go around. I’ve pledged the $50 for a zigbee monitor: