Fibaro RGBW Controller (4x0-10V input)

I bought the Fibaro RGBW Controller a few days ago. I installed it for the purpose of using my existing hardwired window and door sensors (4 zones) to my Smartthings Z wave hub. It works, connected to the hub, installed device handler, and it shows up as “ON” when I open a sensor. All sensors have one “ON” button at top of screen. Below you can see where the 4 zones change volts when the individual zone opens. I tried using the uDTH device handler to convert but when I installed it the On/Off button stopped working when sensor opened.

Question 1: I need the device to show as Open/Close rather than On/Off in order to have the Smart Home Monitor in Smartthings to recognize it properly for alarm purposes.

Question 2: Trying to figure out how to label and have the zones show up separate in Smartthings.

Any help would be appreciated as I have exhausted all my ideas.

If I were you I’d consider returning the Fibaro and just using the Konnected hardware/software thats designed to do exactly what you want to do. Its made to take up to 6 inputs and identify them as separate contact closures that do work for Smart Home Monitor.

Thanks for the suggestion. Wish I could get one! Looks like it would work great…

If you don’t want to wait and you’re OK with some DIY then you should check out ST_Anything: [RELEASE] ST_Anything v2.8 - Arduino/ESP8266/ESP32 to ST via ThingShield, Ethernet, or WiFi

Same concept, just more of a you put it together kind of solution. I am running 2 Konnected boards to pull in my alarm system and a couple other miscellaneous stuff and then I’m using ST_Anything for some temperature sensors, humidity sensors, and garage heater status. Both work great and will get you what you want.

Thank you! That gives me the direction I need.

So I figured it out with a little help from my friends (uDTH handler and CoRE) posts on this sight. So the RGBW controller worked for hardwired sensors. This is not as hard as it seems!

  1. Hook hardwired sensors up to 12v power supply per RGBW controller instructions. If you have more than 4 zones hook them up in series to reduce your zones down to 4 (Max).
  2. Use the codersaur Fibaro RGBW controller device handler. Copy and paste the code into the device handler/create/publish to ME/ go to device and edit adding this new handler.
  3. Now comes the hard part for me. How do you get the device that says ON or OFF to recognized by Smart Home Monitor. Add uDTH (Great code Mike) from the code in Smartthings community to a new device handler.
  4. Create a virtual device. My devices/add device/ name it / give it an ID (example 201)/ add uDTH as type.
  5. Go to and install CoRE (Must have Smartthings smart application)
  6. Go into phone (Smartthings app) and add CoRE. Now you can create a rule that says…
    If Fibaro controller is ON then the virtual switch you create will be ON and if Finaro is OFF then the virtual switch is OFF.
  7. In the virtual app you now need to set it to … “when on turn on an open sensor”.

This took me forever to figure out. There are very few places in our community that explain things for beginners.

Hopefully this will help you hook up your hardwired alarm door and window sensors to Smartthings.

All though that does work keep in mind using something like ST anything would cost around $10 for the controller and doesn’t need Web core or virtual tiles or any of that other stuff. The points on the controller come in as hardware points so there’s nothing extra to do. Same with the Konnected system, you don’t have to have virtual points and turn things on and off to make them show up.