Fibaro, parameter settings?

Hi all,

New here…

Just started replacing my Vera unit with the SmartThings Hub. I am a bit off put by where I can send commands to change parameters of devices.

i.e.- I have a Fibaro dimmer (V1) and want to change param 14 so that it is recognised as being hooked up to a toggle switch.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

You’ll need to use a custom device type handler that exposes the parameters.

If you haven’t used custom code in smart things before, basically you’re going to copy the authors code and paste it into your account. Here’s the step-by-step FAQ:

In this case, I think the following is the code you need, but it may depend on the exact model number.

Thanks - it was the 211 settings that I needed and that seems to have done the trick!

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