Fibaro dimmer 2 installed into a plug socket?


has anyone been able to install the fibaro module into a plug sock backbox instead of a switch backbox?

Is it possible?


The dimmer module should never be installed in a socket because of the danger of someone plugging in a motorized device like a blender or vacuum or fan. Dimmers are incompatible with motors.

The on/off “switch” module can be installed in a socket in Europe, but not usually in the United States. That’s because it only supports up to 6.5 A and code almost everywhere in the United States requires that a socket be able to handle 15 A.

However, if you do you have a socket that is limited to low-voltage items (code usually requires that these be labeled) then you might be able to use the “switch” module for that. You Sometimes see these in the US on houseboats, motorhomes, and occasionally for specialty lighting.

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If the goal is to control a table lamp and dim it then this approach is not advisable. As mentioned by JDRoberts there is too much risk of people plugging in a non-dimmable appliance.

There are some manufacturers who make smart plug socket adapters which can do dimming. The same risk applies but is lower since it will be obvious you are plugging in to something different.

As an example Insteon make plugin dimmers - I have some myself. It is possible to link Insteon to Smartthings. I am fairly sure there are other plugin dimmers available in the USA but probably not Europe.

I found the following article which lists several other US only smart plugin dimmers including (grrr!) Lutron.

Another option for a table lamp is a smart dimmer that fits in the power cord from the lamp instead of a manual switch. However this device is only available for European Z-Wave frequencies.

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There are plug in pocket socket dimmers for both the US and the UK. In the US, these typically do not have the hole for the grounding post, which these days will generally prevent devices with motors from being plugged into them as those are all grounded now.

image image

I don’t know if there’s a similar safety feature on the ones for the UK, but they do exist.

They aren’t replacements for in wall receptacles, though, because of the motor issue.

Very useful replies, thanks all.

My use case is an outdoor strip of light bulbs. I’ve not found any outdoor rated dimmable socket here in the UK.

I suppose I’ll just have to wait for someone to develop one.



Why don’t you put your fibaro dimmer in an outdoor junction box between the plug from the lights and the lights themselves.

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I’ve bought this. Doesn’t dim, but at least it’s smart and out door rated.


I am considering at some future point getting smart outdoor lights but currently leaning towards using Philips Hue garden lights. These can be controlled via Smartthings and are specifically designed for outdoor use. They would be wired direct to mains and I would route the cable in an underground plastic pipe.

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Does this work with ST ?

The new Smartthings app has ewelink as a supported app. But I didn’t use it, I’m using the standalone app.

Ah ok, ordered one, lets see if it works with ST.

Ok, i found this :

SONOFF smart home devices now interoperate more easily with Samsung SmartThings - SONOFF Official

According to that, S55 should work :smiley: Need to try that when i get home :slight_smile:

Edit: ok cool, seems To work!