Fibaro 2 Dimmer (212 not 211)

No, I’ve done it as per the single switch. Although it really don’t matter if you have one switch or 3. The 3 switch diagram is incomplete. It needs a perm live to L and the output to the lamp on the wave with arrow terminal. Lastly needs the N linking to Sx. Its only showing how to connect multiple switches, you still have to do the rest as per the single swtich diagram.

Thanks. I must admit it didn’t make any sense to me as there was no connection to live or neutral.
After checking this afternoon I have no room for the dimmer in the switch or ceiling rose anyway.
Bit of a bummer.

I was lucky as I had a deep back box already. You could if you want disconnect everything on the switch and put a deeper back box in then connect up as per the diagram. Live to L, your switch live (wire from the swtich output to the lamp) in the wave with arrow terminal and the the switch com and L1 over Sx and S1, finally put a wire from N to Sx. :wink: If its in the rose or light fitting then you have a neutral there so use it.

You can only have it at the rose if they wired your house on the loop system ie a perm L and N in the rose then the live is taken to the switch and Switch L is returned to the lamp. My older installation isn’t like this, I digress…

Have a look at the wiring diagrams on the Vesternet website. They are much better than the manual.

Hi Guys,

Pretty new to Smarttyhings and device handlers. Just bought a Fibaro Dimmer 2 (212) and made a device handler, inserted this code:

I have wired the whole think like this:

I probrably have to set some parameters but can’t find the right ones. Somebody know what the problem is?

Tell us what problem you have…

Everything in the app is working but if i want to use the fysical switch is does nothing. I’m using a momentary switch and it’s completely dead (no dimming, no on and off).

Hi Danny, Thanks for your reply, so does it look like i’ll have to loose the downstairs switch function to have the fibaro installed?


Basically yes, your live power enters downstairs, is sent upstairs on either L1 or L2 depending on the switch position and is sent to the light fitting from there.

I had the same problem in my front room, I have a 2 way switch one at each end of the room and wired like yours. Ive got it working as I explained above. The problem lies in the fact the fab unit needs a permanent live and lights wired like ours don’t provide that.

check the config, there is a parameter for momentary vs toggle switches and there is one for dimming or just on and off function.

I know but i still cannot get it working. can you point out the lines on which I have to maken the changes?

Hi guys

So I installed a fibaro dimmer 2 in the switch for my bathroom. It paired with the St hub and was able to pair it with alexa, but can’t control the lights through either. I’d used a momentary faceplate following the 2 wired diagram. The lights turned on and off manually.

@whitewidow - try changing the device type handler to Rajiv’s code or z-wave multichannel dimmer - my devices were mapped to the Fibaro Dimmer initially and could not be operated via ST until I changed the DTH.

I also had the dimming issue, forcing recalibration as @Manxman27’s proposed solved the problem, but only temporarily.

I figured I had to modify line 232 of the code (using code from @rmbhatia) to set parameter 32 to 2 (auto). (It was previously set to 1 - ON). Now everything seems to work fine.

Nevertheless, I express my gratitude to Manxman for the hint and to rmbhatia (and previous authors) for the code.

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Does anyone have these working perfectly?

I have one that seems to need waking up. If I press the switch a few times it will come on and then I can control it via smartthings. I have another one that seems to be better as my automations work most of the time.
One is firmware 3.2, the one that works better is 3.3.

It is driving my wife nuts and I’m weary of changing any more lights in my house in case they also dont work.

I have had a 212 running for almost a year now pretty much flawlessly. Standard UK 2-way switching without neutral connection and using MK Logic plus toggle switches. I used the code from Rajiv.

I have the same with Hagar momentary switches. Also using Rajiv’s device handler.
I see in the device handler there are a few parameters set. But when you add a device and change the device handler, you can then set the parameters in the IDE or in the Smartthings app. Do the settings in the device override what was originally set in the device handler? I would have thought so.

Here are my parameters on the device that is unreliable, can you spot any differences to yours except the toggle switch?

Hard to tell. I am using the original code where you set values in the device handler and not in the app. Here is the link to the code. In this version there are only 4 parameters you can set. The remaining ones are default. My settings are for toggle switch and S2 disabled.

Thanks, I’ve compared the parameters between my two devices and spotted a couple of differences. I’ve changed them to be the same to see if that will help.

If not I’ll reset the module so it only gets the parameters from the device handler same as you have done. And update the device handler just incase it has been updated.

Hi @zcapr17 Im trying to use your device handler on android. one of the replies said here you coudl fill out the values on the IDE, I have tried this as below

Name Type Value
configDebugMode boolean false
configNightmodeForce boolean false
configNightmodeLevel number 10
configNightmodeStartTime time 00:01
configNightmodeStopTime time 06:00
param1 number 1
param10 number 0
param11 enum 255
param13 number 0
param15 number 30
param16 number 5
param19 number 0
param2 number 99
param20 number 1
param21 number 0
param22 number 0
param23 number 1
param24 number 0
param25 number 0
param26 number 0
param27 number 15
param28 number 0
param29 number 0
param3 number 1
param30 number 2
param32 number 2
param34 number 1
param35 number 1
param37 number 1
param39 number 250
param4 number 0
param40 number 3
param41 number 3
param42 number 3
param43 number 3
param44 number 600
param45 number 1
param46 number 1
param47 number 1
param48 number 1
param49 number 1
param5 number 1
param50 number 10
param52 number 3600
param53 number 10
param54 number 0
param58 number 0
param59 number 0
param6 number 1
param7 number 1
param8 number 5
param9 number 1
paramAssociationGroup1 bool true
paramAssociationGroup2 bool true
paramAssociationGroup3 bool false
paramAssociationGroup4 bool false
paramAssociationGroup5 bool false

The device shows up on my smart phone, however when i press the settings button in the top corner the app thinks for a second then crashes. are my settings entered correctly, specifically the times of day? and Boolean entries?

if i click configure i get a lot of this type of thing in the IDE log

6:11:06 PM: trace ConfigurationSet(configurationValue: [1], defaultValue: false, parameterNumber: 35, reserved11: 0, scaledConfigurationValue: 1, size: 1)

is that setting the options?

if i turn the lights on i get a few of these

7 6:13:33 PM: warn Main Lights: No handler for command: Crc16Encap(checksum: 66, command: 5, commandClass: 49, data: [4, 34, 0, 178, 254])
6:13:33 PM: warn Main Lights: No handler for command: Crc16Encap(checksum: 219, command: 5, commandClass: 49, data: [4, 34, 0, 0, 121])
6:13:34 PM: warn Main Lights: No handler for command: Crc16Encap(checksum: 228, command: 5, commandClass: 113, data: [0, 0, 0, 255, 8, 5, 0, 178])

the smart things app crashes every time without fail when i press the settings cog button by the looks of it

anything i can try?