Fetching of heat pump status (active and defrost)

I have some questions regarding fetching different statuses from a Samsung Nordic Home heat pump. The pump is used to heat up a cabin where there are no people staying at the moment, so it is set to 11C only. I can successfully fetch the status of the heat pump, but in that status some of the information I want seems to be missing. So I’m wondering if/how I can fetch these values:

Is the pump currently producing heat?

The closest thing I’ve seen in the status JSON seems to be this:

"switch": {
  "switch": {
    "value": "on",
    "timestamp": "2023-01-05T10:52:36.012Z"

But since that values timestamp is 20 days old I guess it cannot be it. I guess this only indicates if the pump is physically on. If I look at the electricity usage from my power company I can get an indication when the heating is happening (more kWh consumed during some hours), but can I get this directly from the API?

Can I get the defrost status from the API?

I want to know when the pump enters the defrost (dF marking on the display) state. There is nothing that indicates this in the devices/status endpoint at the API. Can this be retrieved?

Is there a way to offset the temperature of the pump?

I have some Aquara sensors that reports temperature as well, and the one closest to the pump is showing 2C more than the pump. It would be best if all temperature devices “agrees” on a temperture,
so I’m looking for a way to offset the pump temperature. So when the heating starts (Samsung reports < 11C), my Aquara sensors think it is ~13.5C.

The Aquara sensor output looks like this: