:Feature Request: Sensor open for an amount of time

It would be great to have an option to alert if a sensor is open or closed for a certain amount of time. Preferably not a predefined time. One that is customizable.

Use case: if door is left open or closed for a period of time, then alert, flash lights, even make announcement through speaker.

It can be done, just not with the official features. See the community FAQ. (The topic title is a clickable link)

Pointers appreciated JD but I am also one of those users that would like a delayed open time with the option to either turn something on or off if left open for a configurable time span

Front door left open for 2 minutes, set virtual alexa switch to open, Alexa announces front door left open please check

You can almost do this in Alexa but its a different delay, the reminder
Or custom message gets sent 2 minutes or any configurable time delay after opening but it is regardless of when the open close sensor is closed, so if the door is opened for 1 second, 2 minutes later the notification is announced

You can get all this and so much more if you have the inclination to load WebCore and learn a bit of coding. Maybe pop on over to https://community.webcore.co/ and have a look.
Tons of people with share their working pistons for this situation; I have one.

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