Delay on contact reporting

Is there a way to have a contact sensor delay reporting an open condition?
I have a basement freezer with a MPS mounted inside to monitor temp. and I’d like a notification when the door is open after a period of time.
I’ve tried having the sensor trigger a virtual switch and then the switch trigger Alexa after a delay but once the timer starts there’s no stopping the countdown.
Any ideas?

Create a second, virtual contact sensor in the IDE.
Use automation rules or WebCoRE to make the virtual contact change status after your delay timeout.
Use your new virtual contact sensor instead of the original one as the trigger for your rule or alert.

So. It would read as follows:
For physical sensor :
Physical contact sensor open
Virtual sensor (1) opens after 10 min
(With a reset to close virtual sensor (1 & 2) when physical sensor closes)

With a second automation:
Physical sensor open
Virtual sensor (1) open
Trigger virtual sensor (2)
[to trigger alexa routine]

Or am I making it too complex?

Basically, yes.