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FAQ Routine, routines: How do you use them? (SmartThings Classic)


(Steven) #42

I did do a Discovery and the routines are listed in the Alexa App. What do you mean by expose all devices?


If Going to Work is listed in Alexa, then it is properly exposed.

(Steven) #44

I do see it in the Alexa App but it still will not recognize it.


So it seems that the problem is the phrase. Try renaming it to “Work”, if that is suitable to you.

(Steven) #46

I tried changing it to “Go To Work” and also just “Work” neither worked. I ran discover devices after each and saw them listed in the Alexa App. When I changed it to “Work” Alexa told me she found several devices matching that name, which one did you want.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #47

By any chance does “Go to work” control a door lock? I’m guessing not, because you’d still be inside … just checking, because I think Alexa is not allowed to control locks … not sure how she knows inside a Routine though!


Forget the old “…Work” devices in Alexa to prevent conflicts. She’ll respond that way whenever devices are closely named and she doesn’t fully understand which you meant.

(Steven) #49

No. No door locks.

(Steven) #50

OK, I forgot the old work device in the Alexa App and also just deleted the Work routine in ST and made a new one. Ran discovery again and verified my routine was in the Alexa App and I still get the same thing saying there are several devices matching that name. But there aren’t so I am really confused now.
I’m going to bed. I really appreciate ya’lls help and if anyone can suggest anything else I will try it later.

Thanks again. You guys are awesome!!


No prob.

FYI, I added a routine named “Work”, ran Discovery and was able to successfully trigger it via Alexa. “Going to Work” failed for me also.

Hopefully, this will clear up for you tomorrow…err Today, since it’s already Friday the 13th.

(Steven) #52

OK so I deleted the routine named “Work” in ST and then went into the Alexa app and forgot that routine. I ran a new discover devices command as well. Then just to see what happens I asked Alexa to turn on Work and she said she found several devices with that name.
Do you have any idea where else I could look to see what is still hanging around that would be called Work? I don’t have any other devices with names remotely close to that.


So “Going to Work” and “Go to Work” have been removed and forgotten as well?

(Steven) #54

Yes. There are no more like that at all


Yeah, not sure at all. Could be pronunciation. You are repeating “Work” (or whatever the current test name) after she asks “Which one did you want”, right?

You could always do a Forget All. Though, that gets a bit annoying if you have a lot of groups and devices from other Skills, like Harmony.

(Steven) #56

Yeah, I have tried saying Work again after it says which one do you want and nothing. not sure if I want to forget all because I do have a lot. But something like this will just keep bothering me so I probably will end up just doing that. Oh well.
Thanks for all your help.


No problem. Try a few different names for the routine that won’t conflict with anything, like, “Zebra” or something. It’s probably some simple issue that just takes a bit of mucking around to figure out what’s going on.

Good luck!


I’m a newbie… I use the standard routines for now. For example, for Good Night, I lock the door and turn out some lights, and dim others.

Using the routines, I can turn on multiple light switches but they all have to be the same dimmer level. But I want some to go 100%, others to go 50%, etc. I can’t chose a dimmer level per light switch.

It looks like the Smart Lights SmartApp is the same way.

Is my only way to go custom code?


This is a common question, and as you’ve noticed, the official features only support one dim level per Automation/routine.

So you have two choices. You can make one automation for each device, giving it its own dim level, and use the same trigger for all of them. It’s annoying, but it works.

Or you can go to core which will allow you to create just one automation with all of your different devices. The set up for that is much more complex, but there are lots of community members who will be glad to help you.

(Jason Nielsen) #61

Quick question on this mode below. I think I get it but want to clarify. I’m your mode below you mention turning lights on if after sunset…is that done from a separate routine? Or can that be specified along with presence sensors.
Thank you

I’m Back!
Changes mode to Home
Sets SHM to Disarm
Turns on some lights if it’s after sunset
Runs automatically when any presence sensor arrives at home

(Dan) #62

Yes, I set the lights up with the Smart Lighting app. There is an option to turn switches on / off at sunset / sunrise. I limit those actions based on the mode. E.g. using Smart Lighting I turn on the kitchen and family room lights at sunset - 15 min only when mode is Home.

To handle the case where we’re not home, I will use another Smart Lighting instance to turn on switches when someone arrives. So between those two Smart Lighting instances and routines for Good Night, there are some switches in the house that we almost never touch. Which is the ultimate goal of home automation, if you ask me :).