FAQ: Is there a way to see the Zwave mesh network map?

I now have 2 Z-Wave Plus plug in switches located outside my house (let’s call them Plug1 and Plug2). Plug1 is located on the other side of Z-Wave plus wall switch inside the house. Plug1 has no problem communicating with hub. Plug2 is 25’ from the house. Plug2 doesn’t always respond. This makes no sense since Plug1 is outside and only 25’ from Plug2. Plug2 should have no problem communicating with Plug1, which in turn has no problem communicating with the hub. I want to make sure Plug2 ALWAYS tries to communicate with Plug1 and that when the hub wants to communicate with Plug2 it ALWAYS goes through Plug1.
I suspect that it’s trying to go directly to the hub, which is on the fringe of reaching the outside device. If I swap device locations, the issue follows the location. ie. If Plug2 is close to the wall, it can communicate no problem, if Plug1 is away from house it can’t always communicate.

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So I got the Z-Stick setup as a secondary controller and it automatically imported all of my devices.
I tried to see the network map (called Topography map in Zensys I believe). But I’m not sure I can make any use of it. How does this help? What is it actually showing?

Is there something else I’m missing? I was expecting something like this:

Replace plug 2 with a Wi-Fi plug. There’s no way to force a specific routing in mesh, that’s just not what that protocol is for.

iHome is now officially compatible with SmartThings, so I’d try that one.


What’s the brand and model of your current plugs?

Thanks for posting that screenshot of the “Topography map” from the Z-Stick.

I have been thinking of buying a z-stick to see the topology map, but now that I see what it really shows, I am with you, and it is really disappointing.

I think I will not buy a z-stick now!! :frowning:

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Aeotec SmartSwitch 6. I’m really just trying to use it as Z-Wave Plus repeater.

I would like to have a door sensor, motion/multi sensor, and several lights in my detached garage. I’d like for door sensor and motion sensor to be part of my home SHM. I want to be able to turn on the garage lights from the house. I also want to be able to turn on the outside house and garage lights with a Smart App when I get home.

If you check the forums, you’ll see that many people have problems with that particular device dropping off the network. Some people say they have to reset it every day or so. It may have to do with the fact that it’s a secure device, which most are not.

I would recommend just trying a different brand of Z wave plus pocket socket in the same place and see if that solves the problem. (Make sure you run a zwave repair after the new device is in place.)

You could try the Aeon in a different location and see if that makes a difference to it.

I had one that kept dropping as well. Even though it had a clear line of sight to another repeater with direct line of sight. :frowning: I had to buy a repeater to help my repeater. So I bought an inexpensive Z Wave plug from Home Depot and put it closer to the Aeon Plug. Now all plugs and the Sensor I needed a repeater for, work fine.


Yeah, I’ve actually stopped recommending the Aeon SmartSwitch 6 for anything. I like most Aeon devices a lot. But that one just seems to be more trouble than it’s worth. Normally pocket sockets are the easiest devices to set up with the lowest maintenance. But that one just seems finicky. Hopefully they’ll get it fixed in the future. :sunglasses:


I’m not an expert in what that visual is showing, but I’ve always just thought it shows which nodes can see/communicate with which. For example, in your image, node 4 can’t communicate with node 1 (which should be your SmartThings hub), but it can communicate with node 7, which can then communicate with node 1 (if it has repeating capabilities). Does that make sense? What is node 23? It looks like it can’t communicate with anything.

I believe this is all the “mapping” that Z-Wave provides. I guess you could take that information and create something a little more visually appealing, but maybe it still wouldn’t give you what you want. There are a lot of other Z-Wave tools out there that work with the Z-Stick, so you might want to look into them. Open-Zwave, Domoticz, and some others.

As for routing, there is a section in zensys tools to “Setup Route”, but I have no experience using that. To be honest, my Z-Wave mesh has always been very, very good. Z-Wave is where I started my home automation journey years ago and I have many Z-Wave device with no communication issues (never have had any). Zigbee on the other hand ., . . :wink: Granted, my Zigbee mesh is much smaller.

So does a blue square mean it can those two can see each other?

The first thing you will notice is the map is symmetric. Device 001 is the controller and can see device 2,3,5,7 and 18; Device 4,6,11,12,16, and 23 can’t be seen by the controller; device 4 would have to be going through device 7; …; device 12 can see device 7 which can see the controller.
Get it, routes always take the shortest hops.
What really maters is what the controller can see, it would help to pick a more central location.


Is there any way to use the Aeon Z-stick as a secondary controller to investigate the Z-wave routing table? Is there some other tool that can do this?

Also please ST would you PLEASE just let us export this information???


@erocm1231 hi!
did you find a way to map device id for ST to the device id you get in razberry?
Would be cool if one could easy se the real mesh that reside in ST and how its all glued.
But as long as there is no way as i found it to map the Device_x to Device ID its a bit of a digging to be done :slight_smile:

Possible product FINALLY coming? (July 2017)

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The toolkit exists, but it’s only available to Z wave alliance members. That’s a minimum $400 a year membership plus $299 for the toolkit. Not something I think most people would find worth the cost just to map their own network.

2018 Update

The tool kit device is now available for individual sale And no longer requires an alliance membership. Lists at $249, but Occasionally goes on sale for anywhere from $149 to $189.

The following thread has more about what it is and what it does:

I have ST v2 hub, I bought a z-stick and was able to get Z-Wave PC Controller to see the z-stick when it is plugged into the computer. I am lost when trying to actually get it connected as a secondary controller to my ST hub. I tried clicking on the lightning bolt and it goes into learning mode and tried including a device in ST and it is not working. Can anyone help with that? I reread this forum several times and cant figure it out to save my own life. Thank you in advance.

I kept playing with it and tried to exclude the device first and it excluded it and then I tried inclusion and the lightning bolt and it worked. I can see all of my devices and the z-wave map with red and blue square. Is there any easy way to find out which device goes to which number? and I have about 50 devices but only 25 are showing up on the map.

A friend told me a different product, the “toolbox” is commercially available for anyone to buy at a one time cost of $250.


Looks nice, lots of expert features, but obviously expensive.