Multiple Aspire RF9500 having unwanted crosstalk

Hi everyone, I recently used an Aspire RF9500 to create a wireless 3-way switch successfully.

I recently bought another one to control a remote switch relay. Both devices successfully installed on the z-wave network, and the first time I tested the app I setup it worked, but then my new RF9500 started acting like a duplicate of my old RF9500 (acting as the remote 3-way, and not controlling the new relay I setup).

Anyone know how to fix this?

I’m tired today, so I will have to leave it to others to help you look into the details, but I would start by using the Z wave tweaker on each of your devices and look specifically for what the associations are.

In addition, you need to look at all the smartapps that are using each device and make sure they are set up the way that you want them to be. It may be that you need an additional copy of a smartapp rather than trying to reuse a previously installed copy. This is a common issue with smartapps like button controller, which have to be installed once for each device, as opposed to parent/child smart apps like SmartLights which can create a new child smartapp for each new device.

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When you setup the RF9500, is that paired directly to a powered (via wires) switch or just another RF9500?

It was to a different, wired switch.

I just got done re-associating everything and fixed it.

Also I found I could use the aeon minimote as the device type for the 9500
and have local processing of my smartlights automations.

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Does the minimote do dimming?

No it doesn’t but I don’t need that for my purpose.