FAQ Dimming and turning on/off multiple lights as a group (SmartThings Classic)

There are lots of ways to do this. You can even just have one follow the other. But you have to use one of the more sophisticated custom smart apps. You can see a list of the ones from the "community – created smart apps " section that for lighting by using the quick browse:


Trendsetter is popular, as is Dim with Me.

Alternatively, if you really just want to have presets for low and high, or low medium and high, sure, you can do that with smart lighting. I’d recommend a minimote or one of the other button controllers.

Then just assign one button for low, one button for medium, one button for high, and one button for off. :sunglasses:

I like the SmartenIT as a wallmount option, but it only has 3 toggles, not 4:

But there are several other options, including one wallmount version with 8 buttons. :sunglasses:

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