FAQ: Creating a virtual Groovy Device [OBSOLETE]

You want a “Simulated Momentary Button”, not a “Button Controller”.

Gimme a link to the DTH source code you are using, perhaps I can check.

But just have to be sure it supports the standard:

Hi again. Didn’t found the “Simulated Momentary Button” but just the “Momentary Capability”. However, it wouldn’t appear for authorization.

How about trying the “Momentary Button Tile” device handler?


That did it. Thanks!


I need to thank you guys who do the heavy lifting of figuring this stuff out. I want you to know how appreciated it is when you take time to help us casual users figure this stuff out. Thank you.


Didn’t realize how much I rely on this app until I just opened it up and saw how many switches and buttons I have created. Do you all use this?

Now that I created the simulated button how do I assign all my lights to the Virtual simulate Switch. I can’t figure this out

There is a how to article in the community – created wiki that may help:


Thank you. I was able to turn one switch on and all lights turned on. Question I want after couple seconds to turn that switch off to be ready for next command. I already have one Power Allownce set for my Coffee, how can I have multiple power allownce or a SmartApp that will turn off after x amount seconds?

Since this is an FAQ thread about creating a virtual device and we are getting pretty off-topic from that, please ask your question again in a new thread in the following section of the forum and people will be able to help you:




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Why do you need a virtual switch? This is supported natively…

Alexa does not recognize it, I can operate my doors with ST but not Alexa

Alexa recognizes mines and even responds to the commands open/close vs on/off. Be sure to add it in the devices available for Alexa in the ST App and then ask Alexa to find new devices.

Thanks I gave up and am returning them to Amazon

I tried to do this but under hub and location I get no options. Just radio button checked with no text. When I try and submit it sues I must have location or hub . Help

See this post.


Thanks Mark. I just used the link to the ide you gave and it worked. Thank

So now I’ve set up the stimulated switch and it shows in smartthings but It
doesn’t show in ifttt can you help

You need to go to the Automations section in SmartThings and add the new switch to IFTTT.

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I would like to set up a simulated motion sensor and control it’s attribute (active/inactive) from a SmartApp. Any ideas?