FAQ: Can I integrate my Zigbee Smart Meter With SmartThings?

Has anyone been able to connect a smart meter that has a built in Zigbee radio to the Smartthings hub (or can you even do that)? I have a OpenWay / Centron by Itron meter.


Normally those use a different zigbee profile and are already linked to a difference zigbee network. I haven’t heard of anyone who’s been able to use one directly with SmartThings for those two reasons.

(edited to update However, as @kukuhome notes below, you may still be able to get access to the information from the smart meter, even if you can’t join the device directly to your ST account. But you will probably need to talk to your utility company to see what options are available for data access.)


I used this to connect to my power meter (it’s zigbee). I believe I needed to get permission from the power company, but I’m not 100% on that.

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That’s a good point: in some cases you may be able to get access to the data stream from your smart meter even though you can’t connect it directly to your SmartThings hub.

The rainforest eagle is a device that gets attached (with utility company permission) to the network that your smart meter is already on. Then you can get information from it through an API or app. See the following thread for information on how other community members have used it:

Other utility companies may have similar options for other devices. Note that you aren’t adding the smart meter itself to your ST zigbee network, you’re just getting access to its output data stream. But that’s often all people are looking for anyway. :sunglasses:


Thank you for everyones input. Much appreciated!

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