FAQ: Best/Most Stable door lock?

I caught some chatter about custom device types and Hub 2. Would I still be able to use this if I upgraded?

Yes. However, the device type code will run “in the cloud” (as it does with v1) at this time.

(This may or may not be the same as the default ST provided “z-wave lock” device type. I just have no way to know that.)

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One thing weird I noticed in the smart home monitor is the absence of selecting a lock…I would think a lock is critical for that.


Another factor that might apply - it does to me - is compatibility between the re-keying systems. I would stay with Kwikset because all my current locks use the Kwikset “smartkey” system to allow easy re-keying.

I’ve got a question I’ve never seen addressed… On all my locks, I have to jiggle, shake and otherwise force alignment of the door to jamb before I can manually engage the deadbolt. How do y’all deal with that on an automated lock? Even if aligned perfectly to start, i don’t foresee it staying that way for long.

Sounds like a problem with either the lock or the door. You should be able to have a perfectly smooth alignment. A lot of people make the hole that the deadbolt goes into just a little bigger for an automated deadbolt (Yale actually recommends that) to make sure the bolt can go in and out without touching the sides. It’s just as secure.

The precise reason I hired a locksmith to get it all done with experience…

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[quote=“CAL7, post:23, topic:21506”]
How do y’all deal with that on an automated lock? Even if aligned perfectly to start, i don’t foresee it staying that way for long.
[/quote]With the Schlage locks… if the motor is unable to completely move the bolt into the locked position, it will “retry”, and then send a “jammed” z-wave notification (which you’d need a smartapp to be notified about.)

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The Yale does the same.

thanks for all the responses, will start to look and see what I go with. I am sure I will be back for more answers in the near future.

FYI I looked at the Kwikset but rejected it because of the Youtube video showing how to take a flathead screwdriver and pliers and breaking the locked in 10 secs, there is a major security flaw with the smartkey system in those just FYI. Its been reported all over the web. I would got with Schlage or Yale. I have a Schalage BE469 and it will do everything the kwikset will do.

Along with making a distinctly different beeping sound, it’s handy.

Tell me that’s multiple dogs and not just one huge freak of nature? :wink: We are dog rescuers, and I always like to joke that we have the most secure house on the street. We have a Boxer and three bully mixes, so if a burglar can clear our lock(s) and the dogs, they deserve what they can carry out!

Haha yes I have two German Shepards. They’re great and a pain at the same time. They’re very alert which gives me some peice of mind.

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In September 2017 August released the August Pro lock, which includes Z wave compatibility as well as compatibility with HomeKit. This is a retrofit design, no keypad on the front. If you want a keypad you have to pay for a separate device to go with it. No one has this yet, so we don’t know anything about reliability, but the previous August generation has generally good reviews.


For me I have Yale 220, it stable, Battery life it good , the price really $$ comparing the other

Loving my yale locks. I have the assure sl on one door and the push button on the rear. (Sorry dont remember the model) I love the aesthetics of the sl but the functionality of the pushbutton. Both have been solid as a rock, i had a few issues with the so not reporting its status correctly for about 1 week but then Samsung updated the app and I haven’t had an issue since. I have had both for about 4 months and battery life is down to about 95% on both so I’m really not concerned about that either. They are higher priced than some but deals are out there. I got 2 pushbuttons for $200! If i had a 3rd door needing a lock I would have used it. Instead i split the cost with a friend

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Thanks JD for tagging this topic. Here’s a post which compares the various features of different brands and locks which is a great starting point for folks who’re looking at lock from scratch. It’s good to start with what features you need in your lock to narrow down your choices.
Will try to keep it updated if ST allows:

Specific locks have specific features, not all locks support programming user over z-wave/zigbee and may need special consideration.

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I have installed schlage logs on the doors that lead to the outside - love them. I am now looking to install smartlocks on my indoor doors. Yes, I could keep with the schlage but from what i see these are all deadbolts so it will be a lot of work installing them on inside doors that do not have a dead-bolt already. Any suggestions?

Try electronic latch/lever locks like the Yale YRD236/YRD256 or the Schlage FE599 or Kwikset 912, although I would not recommend a 912 since it has a few limitations which can be troublesome if you aren’t careful while programming multiple codes.

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