FAQ: Amazon Echo: The Official SmartThings Integration is here! (Initial SetUp FAQ)

I just received an email from Amazon saying that they will be adding “Echo” as a wake word with a future software update.


I decided to look up the echo remote and to my surprise it’s OOS! I’m exploring using Alexa to automate part of my home theater like powering on the equipment etc., is there abother way I can accomplish this via voice command?

There are three different Amazon devices that use echo: the original echo cylinder, the echo remote, And the Amazon fire TV remote. Only the first is completely hands-free. But if you were considering the echo remote (which requires pushing a button while you’re talking) then the fire TV voice remote might also work well.

If you’re asking about a completely different voice method, there are many. Anything which can send a voice text to IFT TT can be used to trigger harmony or smartthings through their IFTTT channels.

The following thread discusses various voice options:

The Fire TV method is discussed here:

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Look whats coming!! Finally an out out!!!

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Officially, this can only be ordered through Alexa; however, this link currently works: http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00VKTZFB4/ref=dp_olp

Where do you find the custom code for the gd00z?

Follow this link. Lots of good info there.

I know this is an old thread and things with Echo may have changed, but I tried “activate” and Alexa just added “activate [yada yada]” to my to-do list…

I am going to slap Alexa! I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong with the Echo integration…if I test the activity “Turn on TV” in Harmony, it works. When I test it in Smartthings, it works. I had Echo discover the activity, and I get a message stating I have a list in my profile and which one do I choose when saying “Alexa, turn on the TV”

What am I missing? Thank you!

My SmartThings shows this:

if the name of the switch is “turn on TV” you would have to say "Alexa, turn on turn on TV. "

The format for any Alexa command is “Alexa, turn on {name of switch}.”

If you make “turn on” part of the name of the switch, you’re going to have to say it twice when you talk to Alexa.

It will also be very confusing when you want to turn it off because you would be saying “Alexa, turn off turn on TV.”

Not to mention I think Alexa is going to get confused by the “turn on” part anyway because that’s a reserved word.

Try changing the name of your switch to “watch TV” instead of “turn on TV.”

Then you will tell the echo “Alexa, turn on watch tv” which should work better.

Thank you, JD. I’m getting lost in the weeds and have redone things so many times to try to get it to work that I definitely have a mess. LOL I feel so dumb!!!

I’m getting confused now with which things I made with the Logitech trigger app and which are activities. Or, once I made a trigger app does it show as a Harmony Activity. GEEZ!

In my things view, I have everything I’ve done…some have tiny plugs to the left, and some have grey circles. The grey circles are by the new ST switches I made…the tiny plugs seem to relate to the Harmony activities. I am not sure what smart apps each should have, or have I created duplicates of the same things? Should each (plugs and circles) have the Harmony Connect and the Harmony Hub (not yet paired with Echo)?

I work with amplification devices, so I’m not a complete idiot. I think I have overread the instructions and applied too much. Anyway, thank you for your advice, as always! :wink:

Everything you’re asking about has to do with the current official smart things/harmony integration, and I haven’t used that one, so I can’t answer the questions. But hopefully some of the other people who are using it will be able to help. :sunglasses:

Thanks JD. I haven’t received any responses to this yet, but maybe another attempt at receiving an answer to a basic question will help me out.

Firstly, I made virtual switches in the ST IDE.

But, I guess my confusion is this: are the “Harmony Activities” that show up in the IDE under TYPE considered new switches or are they the activity that is now linked to the virtual switches?

Thanks for anyone who can answer this newbie’s question!

I changed the activity from 'watch tv" to “cable” and if I say “alexa turn on cable” it turns on and to shut it off I say " alexa turn off cable "and it does. No need to say “alexa turn on turn off cable” , I tried it and nothing happened.

Can the Echo be used as a siren for SmartHomeMonitor, and for spoken alerts such as Alarm On and Alarm Off?

For spoken alerts, usually a device has to support a feature called “text to speech” (TTS).

The short answer to your question is no, at the present time Amazon does not intend the echo to be used to play anything originating from another system except as a streaming Bluetooth speaker. It does not have a TTS feature. So the first thing you should do is use your official Alexa app and put in a feature request to Amazon that they add text to speech support. Once they do, other systems like SmartThings could use it.

The longer answer is yes, taking advantage of the fact that it can be a streaming Bluetooth speaker. But it will require an entirely separate device to actually create the sound file and send it to echo.

There are two separate ways to do this that are popular in the community. one is LANnouncer (formerly LANdroid), which requires that you have a separate android device, and the other is askAlexa which requires a bunch of different things including that you sign up for an Amazon developers account. But which then can do a great deal.

You can find both of these on the Quick browse list for voice smart apps in the community – created wiki.


The long answer to this is no.
The short answer is that you can connect a Bluetooth phone or tablet to Alexa and have it play TTS notification… It’s a hack.

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Are you using LANnouncer?

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Except I see on the status page today that customized text to speech is broken right now. :disappointed_relieved:

Hopefully they’ll fix it soon.


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Thanks for the responses. I’ve just seen the below, so maybe Amazon are working to bring it to Echo anyway

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