FAQ: 2019 UK options for light switches with smart bulbs?

I forgot what thread we were in for a moment, but just to be specific, you would need to get the battery operated versions in order to leave the power always on to the smart bulbs. So I guess I’ll leave my previous post up, but it doesn’t really answer your specific question.

If you don’t want to use a battery powered device, one good UK alternative for leaving the power always on would be the one that @anon36505037 Suggested in another thread.

Use a dual Fibaro relay (not dimmer) behind any momentary switch that you like and you can set it up as a dummy switch that does not turn off the current to the smart bulbs. See the following post as there are a lot of small details involved.

You wouldn’t be able to get dimming from the wall switch, but you could do scenes like “50% brightness“ which might be enough, it just depends on what you need.