Evolve LFM-20 External Antenna


I have an evolve LFM-20 switch that I’d like to use on my front gate opener, however it is out of range of my closest other z-wave device.
There are no power points inbetween these devices, so I cannot extend range with another powered z-wave device.

Would I be able to solder an external 900MHZ yagi antenna onto the LFM-20, and has anyone had reasonable success in doing so.
I have another LFM-20 on my garage door which I would also be able to attach an antenna to if necessary (to facilitate bidirectional communication)

If anyone has experience in doing so, please share some hints or tips to avoid any issues or niggly bits during my modification.

(i’m aware I will void the warranty of the device)

@Jacques_Aucamp I thought I found some images of someone who can extended the antenna on their LFM-20 online when I installed mine years ago but I cant seen to find it now. What kind of range are we talking about to the gate?

About 20-25 meters

@Jacques_Aucamp so I am not sure how it would work with that powered antenna you mentioned earlier. The one I saw was simple extending the red antenna cord coming out of the module like a foot or so. Not sure how much that will actually do. I know there are a bunch of forums online about people extending or adding antenna to their Vera controllers. Maybe google that? I use a Aeon zwave repeater in my house that helps extend my mesh network to the far edge of the house opposite the ST hub. Seems to help for me! I have ST hub in garage and repeater on 3rd floor far corner of the house so I wonder if you could either put one of those in place up high inside or do one outside the house facing the gate. May get you the range you need. I have noticed the more devices I have added the farther I have been able to push my range. I am guessing that has to do with the mesh network or something. Here is some cool reading on repeaters and networking:

this too…

Still curious to know if I can’t solder a 900MHz antenna directly onto the board? Seems like it should be that simple, but I can’t find any information of someone doing this to date. z-Wave works on 908.42 MHz so in theory it’s just another wireless signal that can be directed/focused and amplified with antennas… Or so I would imagine?

I’ve seen this article one too many times unfortunately. It was posted in 2014 and there must have been further developments in the field by now