ETRX357 Zigbee Module Integration

I used to think that I was reasonably switched on when it came to embedded and networking but ZigBee, Groovy and the Smartthings API have left me seriously doubting my ability (if not sanity!).

I’m trying to integrate a Telegesis ETRX357 module into my Smartthings setup. I’d like to use it to control a relay (through a microcontroller). I can get it to join the PAN and show up in the device list but there seems to be few resources which detail what to do next.

Has anyone successfully used this module with Smartthings or point me to a “Dummy’s Guide”?

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That’s using the “Zigbee pro” profile, not the “zigbee home automation (ZHA)” profile which smartthings uses. It may or may not work depending on the exact clusters you are using. But it should join, so you can see how far you can get. ( I don’t know if that particular device allows you to use the ZHA stack or not)

As far as writing a device type handler, you will need to be using the classic app. Then see the following intro FAQ:

Thanks for your reply.

I could be wrong, but I was following this app note which explains how to use the ETRX357 in HA applications.

Is this not the case?

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Yes, but note two things.

First, there is quite a bit of configuration required.

Second, The fact that this is a multi endpoint Device complicates things a lot, because smartthings does not handle multi endpoint zigbee devices very well.

The off-the-shelf Telegesis firmware that uses our manufacturer specific profile can also be used in a Home Automation network, but several registers must first be configured in order that it can join or form a network and present incoming data. Further registers can be set if it is necessary to send HA commands and to allow endpoint 2 to properly respond to queries from other devices such as requests for active endpoints.

I’m tired today, but @veeceeoh May be able to say more on that second issue.

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Also remember that your device will not act as the coordinator: smartthings will. So your device is going to join the SmartThings network, not establish a PAN.