Error Property 'SmartSense Multi' too ambiguous for this device

(Jim) #1

So I’m trying to convert the Ridiculously Automated Garage Door Opener to notify me if everyone is out of the house and someone unlocks or opens a door in the house.

I’m running into a problem that I can’t figure out where the variable “state” is declared. I’ve been assuming it’s some sort of system defined global, but when I do that, I get errors when I try to do a comparison operator against it. So:

		if (result == false) {
			if (!<strong>state</strong>.openDoorNotificationSent && now() - > thresholdMinutes * 60 *1000) {
				def msg = "${currentSensor.displayName} has been open for ${thresholdMinutes} minutes" msg
				sendPush msg
				if (phone) {
					sendSms phone, msg
				//state.openDoorNotificationSent = true
		else {
			//state.openDoorNotificationSent = false

in the case above, in referring to state, I get:

error Property ‘SmartSense Multi’ too ambiguous for this device

Any ideas? I can paste the entire routine in here, but it’s sort of torn apart while I try to get this particular script to work.

(Jim) #2

Ignore me, I wasn’t passing an attribute to latestValue and so it was unhappy. Now on to the next problem ;-).