Enumerate devices, enumerate events per device?

I’m writing an app that sends along events via http post to an external service for additional processing - I’ve seen others like it, and actually modeled the current code on several variants. They all seem to take the same approach of using preferences/input for every capability they might want to respond to (with multiple:true) - then the user “wires up” the devices in the mobile app - and then, magically, the initialize() section subscribes to the events.

I don’t see any way to bypass the user/preference thing. What I’d like to do is simply subscribe to all events of a given type (or, heck, all events) from all devices.

Currently there isn’t a way to do that. Once the Core API is available, you’ll be able to do things like that.

Yeah I have been reading up more on the various widely scattered documentation, and it’s clear there were decisions made to protect the user from bad things ™ - this being one. Makes sense.

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