Entry/Exit delay for SHM

I would like to be able to delay motion detectors, door and lock sensors for a configurable or even a hard set amount of time before they are allowed to trip SHM when it is turned on, like normal home alarms.

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You can do this now. Just use this smartapp.


And if you’ve never used custom code before with ST, it’s pretty easy, just follow the instructions.


I arm my system as part of my “Goodbye” Routine. It gives the option to arm Smart Home Monitor via presence indications. In additional settings it gives the setting to automatically perform “Goodbye” when everyone leaves, and that in turn can be set to be delayed by any amount of time by the “action delay time” setting. Arms my system as well as performs other “goodbye” actions 10 minutes after I leave the house. Works every time. I chose 10 minutes to allow a long walk to the mailbox and back when I have my phone on me.

That is a good point that presence can be used to delay arming after someone has left, or can trigger a disarm before someone opens the door and sets off the alarm.

However many people have found presence to be not that great for arming/disarming SHM.

For one thing, the reliability of mobile presence or the ST zigbee keyfob is very variable, and for some people it’s just not good enough for something like arming/disarming a security system.

Even for those that have reliable presence sensing, the geolocation radius for phones might be larger than what people would be comfortable with. For example, do you want your system to disarm when you’re still, say, a quarter mile away from home?

ST never seemed that interested in integrating a keypad and adding entry/exit delays. Now that they’ve released the ST/ADT panel I doubt they will ever do anything more with this in the context of SHM.

Luckily there are community-developed options that work pretty well!


Sorry guys. Thought my post was going to SmartThings in support of in-SHM delay function. Not meant as a question for you all.

On a related note: Thanks to all of you who monitor and give of your time, experience and wisdom in these forums: Your feedback has helped me more times than I can count, and I (and my smart home ;-)) am thankful and appreciate you all.

Thanks Mark. I have published the app and have it working. Am now working on providing an alert-tone (or perhaps a spoken warning).

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Please post a link to your app.

Using a SHM routine to perform an exit delay with Lannouncer or Speaker sounds is currently available in my SHM Delay TrueExit smartapp. The app may run standalone or with the SHM Delay app

I assume OP meant your smartapp :thinking:

I thought OP wrote an app. :zipper_mouth_face: