Enroll Response Raw data?


I see in some IAS device handlers, there is an enroll response section where raw data is being sent:

"raw 0x500 {01 23 00 00 00}", "delay 200",

I understand its getting sent to cluster 0x0500 (IAS Zone) but can someone define what the raw data is ({01 23 00 00 00})?


@tpmanley, can you give some advice here?

Hi dsshap,

The raw data are the bytes of the ZigBee Cluster Library message to be sent to the IAS Zone cluster. This is what each byte means:

  • 0x01 -> Frame Control Field (value indicates cluster specific command)
  • 0x23 -> Transaction sequence number (technically should be different each time but often hardcoded in the DTH).
  • 0x00 -> Command identifier (0x00 = Enroll Response)
  • 0x00 -> Enroll Response Code (0x00 = Success)
  • 0x00 -> Zone ID

The good news is you don’t have to use this raw command anymore. Instead you should be able to use zigbee.command(0x0500, 0x00, "0000"). This is preferred because it’s slightly more self documenting, doesn’t hardcode the sequence number and is more future proof because we eventually plan to deprecate the raw command once we have an equivalent replacement. We do still need to update many of our own Device Type Handlers.


Awesome, thank Tom!

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