How to use IAS Zone device?

I’m handling the Smartthings motion sensor and i know this is IAS Zone device.
I read an question-answer and they said, “Before you get the information from the sensor, you need to enroll first.”
so i tried to send ‘write attribute command’ to the sensor to enroll first on my python code like this,

data=’\x00’ + ‘\xaa’ + ‘\x02’ + ‘\x00\x10’+’\xf0’+‘my MAC address’
(‘02’ means write attribute command, ‘0010’ means attribute of the Zone setting, ‘f0’ means data type-IEEE address)
this raw data format is from the ‘zigbee cluster library’ document.
but the sensor gave me 86 status, which means UNSUPPORTED_ATTRIBUTE
well, i think the command is wrong and my assumptions are,
-the format is wrong.
-the values i used is wrong.
-or both.

If you have any idea or any little hint, you can help me. thanks to read!

Hey. Did you find a solution that works for you now? I have the same problem with my Sensor.