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(Enhanced) Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock

(Colin) #76

For those of you that like me, are a bit OCD in the looks department, I updated a copy of garyd9’s device type with the new v2 app layout and style:

(Granboca) #77

Colin, this new layout is nice! Thank you for publishing.

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(Ben W) #78

Agree. Colin nice layout.

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(Gary D) #79

If someone else wants to take over this device type, feel free. I won’t be supporting it any longer.

(Tolik) #80

This is great,

I’m wondering is there a way to change the alarm mode when I change Security to ARM (Away)?

(Colin) #81

Would take a custom smart app. There’s another thread that might be of interest, [RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock, Schlage Lock, Yale Lock, Kwikset Lock, IDLock, DanaLock, August Pro and Samsung Lock Device Handler with Alarm Control, Notification, RFID, Door Sensor and advanced features

(Colin) #82

Hrmmm. I picked up a second schlage touchscreen deadbolt, got it installed and paired. Switched it to the same device type as the other one I have, but the battery isn’t updating for the new one. Guess I’ll give it a day or so before resorting to re-pairing or removing device type stuff.

(Greg) #83

My schlage took over a day to report battery when I installed it on my v1 hub and then again when I moved it to v2. just wait it out and it should show up.

(Colin) #84

This one showed up a few hours later. My first one showed up in like a half hour. Though even if it hadn’t showed up at all, I got this second one for $60 used off ebay, so can’t complain too much.

(Greg) #85

wow nice find. did they only have 1?

(Colin) #86

Yeah, it was one of those ‘as-is, untested’ deals. I had to clean up the threads of the deadbolt, find a few small screws and re-key it to match the rest of my locks, but it works perfectly fine. The longest part of finding the deal was that I wanted a bright brass one for that door. The satin nickel and antique brass ones are far more common. Even new in the box ones usually go for $100-$135 w/shipping. and if you are patient, you may find a used set in good condition for less, too. You can also look for the BE468 (white letter keypad), no alarm or BE469 (blue electroluminiescent) version with alarm.

(Steve Baker) #87

Does anyone know of an antique brass colored door lock that is compatible with st? I have Schlage now for all my handles in the house and would like to match the antique brass color if possible. Thanks

(Vic Singh) #88


I’m using this device type however I have a few questions. Currently the door alarm is off and I know there are several modes of alarm. If the door alarm should trip can I deactivate it using Smartthings app? Will I get a notification in ST? Can it beep when the door open and close?

Thanks in advance,

(Ben W) #89

For door alarm its completely independent to ST so no control or notifications. I believe RBoys device types has notifications, but you have to pony up some cash.

You can set it up for the beep notification (which is just an alarm type).


Hey guys. I installed this device handler and app today and it runs but I am getting an error in the app. i just happened to check my notifications in ST and its showing “Controller failed to set code for MYNAME” Its doing it over and over. I have changed the device type back to the default for now as I dont want to drain my battery. My lock is the Schlage Camelot.

(Ben W) #91

I had that too. Are you using lock code manager?

I had to roll back the latest revision to a previous one to make it work.

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Lock Code Manager is the app I installed along with the new device handler.

(Ben W) #93

Yeah there are issues if you use the latest Lock Code Manager. Use this version:

I used this one for a couple months no issues, updated to the latest had issues. Rolled back, all good again.

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Ok, so stay on the older version then? Is the dev aware of the issue? Thanks for the info BTW

(Ben W) #95

Couple posts in the thread for it. But, all these people add this functionality out of the kindness of their hearts.

I will take a look on his next update, may even take the time to see if I can debug it, but right now the older version works like a champ.

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