(Enhanced) Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock

Update 2015-08-22

I merged all the changes from the ST “z-wave lock” device type back into this device type. This seems to add a couple bug fixes as well as changes to security related stuff. The device type is also mostly compatible with Erik Thayer’s “lock code manager” smart app. (However, there are a few change requests I’ve made to Erik that would make the compatibility a bit better.)

Erik’s FREE lock code manager: [Depricated] Lock Code Manager

Current incompatibilities with that lock code manager:

1: When the Schlage lock is queried what user codes it has stored, it will only respond with asterisks for used slots. (Most likely a security measure from Schlage.) This only matters if the device type doesn’t already have the user codes cached (which it normally does.) This will cause Erik’s lock code manager to re-send the usercodes. No real impact here.

2: Erik’s code is designed to work with Kwikset locks which allow different user code slots to have different lock code lengths. For example, slot 1 might have a 6 digit code while slot 2 has a 5 digit code. With the Schlage locks, all the slots must use the same length, and that length must be configured on the lock ahead of time. (I can change the length in code, but the command for changing the length erases ALL existing user codes, so I don’t expose that to a user. My opinion is that it’s better to make the user perform that manually so they understand it’s destructive and don’t blame me.)

3: As of this message, Erik’s lock code manager will spit out errors in the IDE “live logging” when a user manually locks/unlocks the door. These errors are harmless and have NO impact. (As well, they’ll likely be going away in a day or two of this post.)